Thursday, April 7, 2011

Emotional Basket Case-Javin(13)

Everyone has to deal with their feelings and stress at times and some people are able to cope with their emotions better than others. People who are not able to cope with their emotions may sometimes do things which are very rash like starting to cut themselves or even start to do drugs.

I find depression quite easy to cope with as most of the time I am not depressed, but at times when I start to get depressed I will start to do activities which I like such as playing games, doing these kind of things helps me to cope with depression.

To me loneliness is something I deal with everyday as after I leave school everyday and get home most of the time I am usually at home by myself until around 6-7pm as that is the time my Mother usually comes home, sometimes I get very bored being home by myself and might do some silly things out of boredom but usually I cope with loneliness by engaging myself in activities.

I have never experienced heartbreaks before and hence I am not sure on how to deal with them, but if a friend has a heartbreak I might try and comfort that person and encourage them.

All in all I am usually able to cope with my emotions quite well.

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  1. Well-structured, introduction, body and conclusion. Thoughts and feelings well elaborated, however there should be more extension of main points. (such as the reasons)