Friday, March 25, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - Nur Nadiah (04)

Everyone has experienced feelings before that are tough to control. However, not everyone is capable of getting over feelings such as stress and depression. Different people react differently to situations. People who are not good in handling problems consider committing suicide. Some hurt themselves and others, whereas some are actually capable of calming themselves down and solving the problems that they face.

Personally, I can say that I am normally able to cope with these feelings well, because I am a calm person. Even if I feel depressed, I still am able to live my life day by day, slowly trying to handle the stress by myself.

As for loneliness, it is a feeling that I have come across before. I asked myself whether there were people around me who could understand me. It took me a few days to realise that people around me will not be able to understand me because I don’t really share my feelings and thoughts to them. So, how were they supposed to understand me when I don’t open up to myself? I looked around me, and in fact, there are a lot of people who care about me. From then on I made it a point to tell myself that people do care about me whenever I feel lonely.

I do have friends who share their experience on heartbreaks with me. From what I have heard, heartbreaks are not really a pleasant experience. Based on my own experience, it was tough for me to cheer up my friends who went through heartbreaks. Some of them took very long to get over it, whereas some of them only took a few weeks. I never experienced heartbreaks before, but when if I do experience it in the future, I would try to handle it by myself first by listening to music that I love and by working out.

Sometimes I do feel different from my peers. I feel that I am not as competent in my academics as my other friends. However, it actually has a positive impact on me because it gives me motivation to work harder to be as competent as them.

When I encounter something that causes me to become unlike myself, I usually put up a front. I just act normal. Even so, I hardly talk so sometimes my friends do ask me what happened to me. So, I just tell them that I am tired or sleepy. Deep inside, even if I feel down, I feel happy that there are actually people around me who care. So, that fact cheers me up and so I manage to get over it.

Overall, I can say that I do manage these kind of feelings well. I do not share my feelings with others, I normally keep it to myself. I feel that is a better way for me because I am able to think about the problem by myself. It actually trains me to be more mature and rational in handling problems. However, if I do break down in the future, I would open up myself to others such as my close friends or siblings.

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  1. Javin

    The first paragraph can be taken as the introduction and the last paragraph can be considered as a conclusion the body of it is mainly made up of the paragraphs in the middle.
    The thesis statement is on how to cope with your emotions.
    Most of the content have thoughts and feelings.
    Some of the issues stated are dealt with quite well whereas some of the issues are not dealt with as well.
    Some of the issues have a reason why she chose to use that way to deal with the issue whereas some did not have a very good reason.
    Some of the reasons are quite sound but some of them are not very sound.
    She gave sufficient examples to illustrate her ideas and also what she way trying to carry through.