Saturday, March 26, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - Niloy Faiyaz (19)

To me, having depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers is something big to overcome. Well, everyone faces it, at least one of the above. If the person can't manage them, it might become serious and the person will be stressed out a lot. I do not really like all this kind of emotions because it somehow brings down the mood of you and it somehow spoils the environment but it is good if this stuff happens because we might end up reflecting on our character.

Depression is a kind of problem everyone face since it will happen when the person is facing one of the 3 problems below( Loneliness, Heartbreak, Being different from your peers). Depression can also be faced alone. Such cases of being depressed is failing your exams, not doing something well, getting scolding from your parents or losing something. Well, I had been depressed before a lot of times. Last time, I used to smile a lot and be very active at the outside even though I feel depressed in the inside. I stopped doing this because it will make me feel even more terrible so nowadays, I might just express how I feel face to face depending on the situation because I do not want to end up hurting other people feelings. One of the latest cases of me being depressed is when I never get selected in the floor-ball team even though I had been training hard to get selected. I had been depressed for 1 week and I had difficulty concentrating in my trainings and I even wanted to quit my CCA and every night, I would reflect what have I done wrong in floor-ball which made me not to get selected in the team. I finally recovered when I started thinking positive that I might get selected next time if I correct all my mistakes. Hence, if anyone is depressed, he can try to forget about it by either doing his favorite activities to distract him instead of thinking about the situation like what I did or he can think positive to make himself happy.

To me, most people feel lonely is when they feel left out from a group of people since the person might think he is not really related to the others like how I feel during floor-ball trainings since the others are in the team. Usually, if I feel lonely, I might try to be like them but I will not recommend that since you will not end up being your true self. Instead, a person can just crack some jokes together just to get in touch with others.

Well, I didn't fall in love with anyone before so I will not know how it feels during an heartbreak but looking at my friend when he had an heartbreak, it wasn't nice since for a few weeks after he broke up. He had been sleeping late and was thinking about her for a month and it affected his studies and his life. Well, if you ever have a heartbreak, try to distract yourself and help yourself forget about your love and in the first place, don't try to fall in love quickly, try to understand the other person first just to avoid the heartbreak or just don't fall in love at this age at all since we are not ready for it as we still do not know the meaning of true love yet.

As you read earlier, you feel lonely if you feel different. Well it makes you unique from others. Sometimes it can make you special and stand-out from the rest. If you find that it somehow discourages you, try to ignore it or do something to cover it up.

Well, I think the main points I have repeated over and over again is to ignore the problem or think positive about it. Do not think so much about it that will get you stressed out.


  1. Introduction is done well: topics that are going to be mentioned is clearly stated with brief descriptions of it.
    Depression: Although you have your point of view of depression, I think depression is a more serious situation, where it get to the point where it cannot be controlled and it becomes a medical condition. Your perspective of depression is just being slightly down.
    I like your advice at the end.

  2. Topic Sentence is clear to audience. You did share your experiences(and other people's experiences), thought and feelings which are good, to support your stand. I think that this essay is fluent, from one point to other. It is good that you end with solutions and advices at the end of each point.