Friday, March 25, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - Lucas Chia (16)

Depression is when somebody constantly feels hopeless, troubled and very negative towards things for long periods of time. People who suffer from depression usually withdraw from the world and stray from human contact. Depression is usually can be caused by many things, such as child abuse or neglect, the passing of a close relative or alcohol and drug abuse.

Loneliness is usually felt by people who are isolated with no one to talk to or be with. It is different from depression as it is usually a short term feeling. It is really common as we can feel lonely when we are at home alone or maybe in the bus as we do not have anyone to talk to.

Heartbreaks are experience by people who break up with a loved one such as a boyfriend, girlfriend or a close friend. Someone who experiences heartbreak constantly looks back on the past and the good times that they had with the person they broke up with, making them feel worse about the present.

I usually only feel lonely when I come home from school as both my parents are working and I am home alone. I usually solve this problem by distracting myself with homework or talking to a friend online. Although I have not experienced heartbreak, I feel that in the future, people whom I trust will end up backstabbing me or misusing my trust.

All these feelings can all be solved by similar solutions. We can confide ourselves with a loved one such as a relative or close friend, explaining your problems to him. As for me, I would talk to something that would not judge me such as my action figures or stuffed toys. Exercise is also good as it allows me to escape from my stuffy house and go outside to get some fresh air. I would sometimes go to my friend’s house and talk to them over video games to relieve my stress in a way that does not hurt anyone. Finding a hobby such as stamp collect or cooking can also be helpful as it distracts me from thinking about bad thoughts or reliving bad memories from the past.

Personally, playing video games and thinking about strategies to complete certain video game objectives is already makes me different from my peers as they do not always understand what I am talking about. However, I easily overcome this problem by finding a small group of friends who share common interests and stick with them.

Putting up a front is basically like putting on a mask to hide what we are truly feeling. For example, a person who feels angry and keeps his emotions bottled up, looks constantly happy and keeps a smiling face at all times. This is bad as pent up emotions may suddenly erupt in a violent outbreak causing harm to the person himself and lash out at others around him. I believe that we should just be who we are and not try to fake our emotions. No matter what our attitude is, we will always have true friends that will constantly stay by your side and love you for your true self.

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