Friday, March 25, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - Ho Yan Jin (02)

I think depression is real to an extend, when people are just too affected by the world around them. But, depression is also a way of attracting attention from people, and wanting people to notice and show concern for them. People who fake depression get all the attention and concern, while those who really suffer from depressions, suffer in silence and get little concern, worsening the condition.

Loneliness is something that I experience myself. Honestly I think it is good, as being alone gives you time to enjoy the place around and ponder about things. If people are not affected by being alone, like me, loneliness is not a problem. It is just those who are afraid of criticism and comments from people around them that are truly lonely and need people around them.

Heartbreaks is something that might happen to me in the future, and if I experience a heartbreak, I will find a friend, family members or a counsellor to talk to. During that period of time I might be really sad, but after time I will realise, like the girl in the story, to leave the past in the past and never try to remember or relive them.

Being different from my peers is something I find normal. Everyone is different, it is just now drastic the difference is. If people are more different in physical looks, they would probably be made fun of. I have been wearing braces for the past 16 months, but it did not matter much to my peers as we know we cannot judge people from their physical appearance. After time, we will realise that our peers are all unique in their own way and deserve our respect. Those who go around making fun of others are those that are degrading themselves.

Having to put up a brave front is rather normal, as I have done that before. You are facing a challenge in your life, but you do not want anyone to know, or rather you do not know who to approach, you put up a brave front and lie to others. Although in long term this is not a good solution, it will help for a temporary period of time until I find someone that I can talk to about my problems. But at times, putting up a brave front is necessary.

Dealing with these kind of situations involves myself and the people around me. If I feel that I cannot handle the situation on my own, I can seek help from people around me that I trust. Whether is it being lonely, or being difference, it is all about ignoring what all those mean people will say. If they see it is not affecting me, in a matter of time they will stop; Whether it is depression, a heartbreak or putting on a brave front, it is all about myself and how I want to deal with it.

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