Sunday, March 27, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - Bernard Ng(07)

These 6 issues are very common in teenagers. Everybody would face some of these problems in one point in their life.Some people know how to overcome it, some do not. These people should really seek out help to overcome their problems, because if they do not it will bottle up and soon it will turn out to become a huge problem that can affect the person,their friends and their family.

Depression is likely to be the number one problem that will be faced among a lot of teens. I think these could be caused by event that are tragic like a passing of a loved one. Personally i have not experience this before, but i have seen example of them in my friends. They normally become isolated and tend to keep to themselves. People with this problem cannot overcome it by themselves, and should seek out help from friends and family.

Loneliness is a problem that someone has no one to talk to, but it does not mean they do not have any friends. When i have this problem, this is due to a problem that i cannot share with anyone. To overcome this, I have a little toy dog. When i am going to sleep i will have a little conversation with it, and it will make me feel better the next day. I would try to talk to friends and family if i could, but most of the times i rather keep to myself.

Heartbreak is what I think a problem that not many people will face in their teens. I have never face this problem before, but I have seen people facing it. They would stay up late thinking about the person they had a breakup with, so in class they were very lethargic. I think that people facing this problem should play more sports, or read, or anything else. This helps to distract them from the person they had a breakup with and soon they would have forgotten about it and have overcome the problem, going back to their normal daily routine.

Being different from your peers is a problem that i can relate to. When i was in primary school i was very different from my classmates, as I had six fingers on my right rand. I keep close to myself to prevent anyone from knowing this. But as i made friends, they knew about it. However, they did the opposite of what i expected. Instead of getting creeped out and going away, they were fascinated and ask me more questions. I gain more confidence about myself, and i did not hide my hand anymore. I made more friend since that day. Being different from your peers is not a bad thing. It is just to show that you are special and unique in your own way. If you are different, do not be afraid as it is just to show that you are unique.

Having to put up a front is a problem faced by teens when they are trying to make friends. Sometimes the feel their friends are cooler than them, and try to put up a front to show them that they are cool too. These people have low-self confidence as they do not think that they will be able to make friends and want to be with the `in` crowd. People with this problem have to help themselves. They should just be themselves to make friends, because only then can they make true friends.

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