Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 1: About tan kein shuen(20)

I think depression is a lot like hangovers, where while the sense of pain and sickness overwhelms us the deepest sorrow would be that its completely preventable.
depression is caused by life events that occur around us , where an action of great sorrow by the enviroment deeply hurts us. i think that these people should not stop dead in their tracks and bring their life to a standstill, but should venture forth and find something or someone to replace their losses, and while this passage may invoke anger in some readers, i can safely say a loss is a loss.
Loneliness, however , is a different thing. loneliness is sometimes forced upon us due to certain people in our community, trying to isolate us for their own pleasure. however, some individuals may find themselves living in a solitary world, claiming that they are better off alone. i think that the people who isolate others do not deserve to have their own social life, much like the individuals who should start relying on others for help.
heartbreaks are common, but its plain knowledge to say that the first heartbreak would be the hardest, having no prior experience in such events. Luckily, this would gradually fade away with it becoming more common.
Being different from our peers us just the beginning for progress. even if you are the least intelligent person between your peers, won't this just make you strive for better results? or, if you are participating in a group project, being different could just help to understand the project in a different perspective, helping your group in that area.

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