Friday, March 25, 2011

Activity 1: About Looi Wei Chern (15) - Emotional Case

All of these feelings can be very hurting to anyone. It can actually be very painful to the heart as sometimes it is really hard to take it and for anyone to move on with life. All of these feelings are usually caused by either peers or teachers or even their own family members, especially when there is hatred or when teachers or parents are biased against them. All of these can actually cause anyone to do insensible things and harm themselves when they do not solve their problems the right way as one would be rather mentally unstable when they experience such feelings. This will actually cause them to have sleepless nights, no appetite, lack of attention in class and even the cause of their results to plunge. 

What I feel is that when I face such feelings, I should not bottle it up myself but actually talk to someone, either my parents, counsellors or even close and trusted friends and not end up always blaring it out at the people who care about me, when they do not know what is actually going on. This way, I would also feel much better when I can share my feelings with them and also be able to get advices on how to solve these problems. I feel that I should actually face my problems and stop escaping as it is not helping but only harming me more. The problem would not stop by itself thus no matter how bad the situation is, the only way is to gather all the courage I have and face it.

When I face all of these feelings, I would be stressed up and end up suffer in silence if I do not share it with someone else who I trust. Thus, I should firstly keep my cool and should be angry over it, but tell it in the face of the person who cause such feeling inside me, to stop his actions and behaviours towards me. If he does not listen, I must not show that I am angry towards him, but just put on a strong front and ignore him if he continues. Then, I would share it with my teacher and ask if there is anyway he could help me to solve these problems. This way, neither would I be bottling up my feelings nor end up getting angry, but instead could solve these problems in the right way.

To me, depression is something caused by oneself when one bottles up everything to oneself and end up being greatly affected thus I would share with someone that I trust that could help me resolve this problem.

Loneliness is something I face when I enter a new environment as I would usually need to take time before I adapt to my new peers and teachers but slowly I would be able to make new friends once again. I find that those who are actually being lonely cause they are anti-social and do not like hanging out with friends would end up not being able to share their feelings when they face either of these problems or feelings. These people actually needs lots of people around them.

Being different from my peers is something that is not always bad. I find that everyone has their own talents and strengths thus some people are different in the way they look, but if they are actually very bright students, I find that we should respect them for who they are to. I find that as for myself, I am different in a way that I have a darker skin tone but that does not mean that people should start insulting me as there are many other aspects that I am better and if everyone are friends then we should all respect one another. 

Having to put up a front is actually necessary when I enter a new environment as it would makes people think I am good and I could be a great friend. This would sometimes help in the long term or only in the short term as it is how I actually portray myself as a friend towards them thus it might be either helpful or harmful. On the harmful side is when I suddenly show my true feelings and my true-self to my peers which in the end cause them to not trust me anymore and thus causing myself to actually face all of above problems in life. Thus, I would actually not lie to my friends about my true-self no matter how I have to put up a brave front as I do not want to lose the trust of my friends.

In future, there would actually be times when I would face heartbreaks but it all depends how I actually solve this problem and not end up harming myself. I feel that I would forgo the past and go on with life and not let such feelings rule my heart and my head, and not let it affect me too greatly as it might actually cause me fall apart from my family members and close friends as well too.

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