Monday, March 21, 2011

Activity 1 : About Gavin Lim (09)

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  1. Voice: B
    Expression: C
    Fluency: B
    Non-Verbals: Head is too close to camera, so only top half of your head was seen and it took up a bog portion of the
    Creativity: Not presented much


    2 ways to make your speech better:
    - You should speak happier and have more confidence
    - You could have talked more about your likes other than media production.

    2 ways to improve video
    - Your background was a little distracting as there was many toys. You could have done it somewhere else or use your toys to help enhancing your video to make it more creative
    - You should have shown your top half of your body to show better body language

    What i liked with your video:
    Talked about interesting topics