Thursday, January 27, 2011

An suspicious feeling has began to surround CCT.

SST times,Written by Bernard Ng.

Rumor has it that the peaceful place of Columbia Cuppage Town is actually just a cover for a bigger secret. Locals have speculated that CCT is actually a Secret Government base that may be used for future war.

Recently,lots of weird things have been occurring in CCT. `There were a few people that moved in the neighborhood not long ago.They were very anti-social.Never saw them come out of the house or around the town.Never knew their names.` says game designer Bernard Wafer.

When we approached the house that was said to belong to one of the people,there was no response.We looked into the house through the window to find no one there,except for chairs,tables and television.Although a faint light was seen from a room,we could only guess that no one was in.

Why are they here? Who are they? Will they leave CCT? Only time will tell,will they reveal themselves? Or forever remain a mystery to the residents of CCT.

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