Thursday, January 6, 2011

Political fallout could lead to worse,experts say

With america at the brink of collapsing from its huge debt funds to the world and it trying to maintain peace in third-world countries, experts warn that while their forces are spread thin other new powerhouses, like china and north korea, could easily take over the entire United States of America(or most of it), with the defenders not being able to withdraw their forces in time,either leading to the occupation of the world’s trade centre, or worse. “ Desperateness in the government to defend their country or the worry of china amassing their armory of nuclear warheads could cause the situation to dwindle from a political fallout to a nuclear war, killing millions,”says Caroline Robert.
The debt of USA to the world is a massive USD$14,000,000,000,000, and it’s still going higher and higher.for a live clock on their debt , go to

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