Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miss Keyboard too rough with students

SST times, Written by Javin Jason Kang

School teacher Miss Keyboard of Columbian Cuppage Town Secondary School(CCTSS) has been rumoured to be miss-treating her students by giving them tons of homework with a unreasonable duration of time to finish it, it is also rumoured that she man handle's the students if she thinks that they are doing something naughty or miss behaving.

The school principal of CCTSS says that he will deal with the matter by talking to Miss Keyboard and try to get her to be nicer to the students and not man handle them. The school principal of CCTSS also said that is she continues this kind of behaviour after the talk with her the Ministry of Education (ME) will stop her teaching contract and fire her from her current job.

We spoke to one of her students parents Grace Pang and asked about what kind of things she does to the students. Mrs. Pang said "Miss Keyboard does all sorts of horrible things to my son and students like if she finds the students is miss behaving she will hang the student by the collar on the fan or sometimes cane the student with a wooden ruler, Miss Keyboard should be fired from her job immediately!"

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