Wednesday, January 26, 2011

man made helium sac under CCT,'liftoff' protocol real?

SUNDAY,12 pm: oilworks, the local oil refinery outside CCT, made a startling discovery last Sunday:a huge air sac full of helium.

The strange sac was found at noon , after oilworks staff were drilling in a new area despite the governments' constant disapproval of doing so. " we knew we hit something when we heard a loud 'pop' and this huge whistling sound,followed by our crew starting to speak in squeaky voices", Jackaloff Singh, the manager of oilworks said.

Upon further inspection, they had hit a rubber air sac containing deposits of helium . while the government said that this was a heritage treasure, upon further investigation the rubber lining was found to be manufactured 5 months ago. this supports the recent wikileaks document about a unspecified 'liftoff' protocol .
could this mean the start of an airborne CCT? And with Oilworks rupturing the air sac, will the protocol be foiled?

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