Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is there more to the Wafer Brothers than meets the eye?

Multiple corpses found buried near the Wafer Brothers' residence.

Lucas Chia
26 January 2011, SST Daily

We have all known the Wafer brothers as quiet, reserved individuals, with the exception of Wafer Bacon Omnomnom who is known as an eccentric and erratic boy in Columbia Cuppage Secondary School. However, police officers of the Columbia Cuppage Town Police Department have found the horribly mutilated and dismembered corpses of six children in the backyard of the Wafer Brothers' residence last night at about 11 o'clock after a complaint from a neighbour regarding a foul stench emanating from the Wafer brothers' residence.

The Wafer brothers have since been taken under custody by the Columbia Cuppage Town Police Department. Some townsfolk are speculating that these murders may be the cause for the presence of government undercover agents and computer hackers snooping around in our town.

We interviewed Ms Deborah Ang, the detective in charge of the case, and she told us that the police are now looking into these murder cases and will update the media once they have obtained a new lead. She promises that the people who performed such unspeakable acts of cruelty shall be brought to justice and urges the public to come forward and call the police to inform them about any information they have regarding these grisly murders.

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