Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is ColumbiaCuppage Town part of a huge government conspiracy?

Multiple reasons lead to people suspecting that Columbia Cuppage Town is all part of a government conspiracy.

Gregory Chew

26 January 2011, SST Daily

Recently after a recent town get together, people have been speculating that CCT(Columbia Cuppage Town) could be all part of a huge government conspiracy. According to witnesses we spoke to who did not want to be named fearing their safety, they suspected something was wrong when there was connections between most of them. For example many of the people living in CCT have forgot about their past, leading to rumors that they may have been poisoned. Also, increasing numbers of spies and hackers from different countries are also another reason. When spoke to, all they answered was that “it is classified”, leaving residence suspicious.

Rumors have also been going around about CCT being an experimental “floating town”. Well, these rumors may be right. Large amount of helium have been found and a source had told us that CCT may be up in the air in about 2 months time. If these are true, residence really have something to worry about.

Currently, there have been some people leaving the country but most seem unbothered. Mr Lim, a 30 year old salesman told us that as long as he is not working for any government, he should be alright. Only time will tell if he is right.

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