Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Seeing the skies

Keith Here, Breaking News!

Mayor plans to send CCT town to the skies. The talk on 29 January in the Great Hall said that the scientists are able to make CCT go to the skies. Scientists are making advancements to making CCT a floating island, breaking one of the worlds most greatest myths.

Scientists of CCT are working on a gigantic helium substitute, trying to find out the correct elements for the helium substitute to send CCT above the clouds. Weird thing is that how would they make up a whole stack of the helium substitute to raise the town? Would the chemicals affect and blow up half of CCT? We won’t know. So let the scientists try to figure out how to lift or blow up this town.

Some would say this experiment would be a fail and helium is highly combustible and another news reporter has stated that a "bakery" contains high gasoline. Helium+Gasoline= Boom! Some would think that this experiment would be a success. One thing for sure, this could end up bad.

Let's see what others have to say about this. "Finally! We can laugh at other people as we are above the skies!" Says a guy who did not want to be named, "I'm worried about what this experiment might do to this area." Says Bernard Wafer.

Good night, and Peace!

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