Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mystery Brews Among Bakery's Crew

Cuppage Bakery in Columbia Cuppage Town has just been established a few days ago, but at the same time, it just appeared overnight. People have been facing loss of memory, such as their occupation and names. An accident? I think not.

A claimed victim who only wants to be known as Ms Classified, woke up in the morning, or so as what she remembered, not knowing what had happened anything about herself until she ran across a friendly neighbour who reminded her own self.

“This has been real weird”, claimed Ms Classified. Apparently, she was not the only one as few other people has been acting real weird and wandering around the neighbourhood aimlessly until explained to. All of them have claimed to have eaten food from the bakery, as their memory recovered few hours later.

Strangely enough, I went to the Bakery to investigate, but it was no where in sight. Not only it amazed a newcomer to the town (me), it, too, surprised the settlers there. A local freelance reporter who has been investigating into the matter is now missing as claimed by fellow neighbours.

This is a mystery to not be forgotten, or will without a trace. We have no lead on right now but the authority has been alerted. We will see what more mysteries is there in this quiet little town.

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