Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tons of containers of gasoline said to be stored in bread from a bakery.

10pm, a tiny fire started in the town of CCT. the cause, a piece of bread.

Scientist have discovered that reason may have been the level of gasoline increasing dramatically and they believe the gasoline could lead to worse disasters or explosions. Some examples provided by the scientists of greater disasters are larger fires which may burn the city.

Most people who are interviewed think that the reason behind the fire are the gas containers stored with gasoline hidden inside bread from a certain bakery. Scientists have not found out which bakery is selling the bread as the people from CCT are unwilling to tell which bakery.

Scientists have believed that it may have been an accident or the baker had purposely placed the containers inside the bread, intending to kill his customers.

Scientists are now trying to convince people that the gasoline can give them cancer even though it may taste nice to them. The police are also playing a part and trying to get the baker's name and where the bakery is.

With the discovery of a large sac of helium, scientists fear that the gasoline will react with the helium when a fire sparks and they are even more nervous and wants to find the truth as quickly as possible.

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