Wednesday, January 26, 2011


CCTSS is Ending Their School Year Already? Let's hear what the Principal say.
Written by: Casandra Ong
CCT Times, 25January2011

Rumours have been going around CCT that CCT Secondary School as also known as CCTSS, is not going to make it through the year.
On the 25th of January, rumours started spreading around that the famous CCTS is to close down soon. Citizens were unsure of the source, hence dare not believe what is though to be a rumour. Unsure of the truth, parents and students of CCTSS have not make plans for enrollments for other secondary schools.
Until recently, the principal of CCTSS spoke to the public and addressed this matter.
“It is true that CCTSS has taken in consideration to close down. But currently, we are doing our best to get more students and stabilize our income. Our dear Parents and students, please do not worry. I am sure that CCTSS will soon be back on top!” Mr P. Thomson vaguely described the matter and did not wish to further discuss it publicly.
We have also interview a teacher from CCTSS, regarding the matter. “We do not have enough students! I am teaching a class of only 18 people. There are more teachers than students here.” Ms Qwerty Keyboard from CCTSS told CCT Times.
According to our sources, CCTSS is said to be in great debt with the local bank, CCT Bank, for loaning money to build their new campus a few years ago. As they expected the school population to grow tremendously, the new campus is the size of five supermarkets.
CCTSS is currently operating as usual. Mr Thomson will make another public appearance soon to further update the public.

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