Thursday, January 27, 2011

Columbia 'Controversy' Town

Columbia ‘Controversy’ Town
Is trust needed in a relationship?

Nadiah Binte Shaharuddin
26 January 2011, SST Daily News

Controversy among lovers? It must be hard to imagine but it happens here in Columbia Cuppage Town! The Wafer Brothers were caught in a controversy with their girlfriends. Their girlfriends, are members from the popular girl band group, Super Girls’. This controversy has been the hot talk of the town since the beginning of the year. The Wafer Brothers have yet to admitted but rumours have said that they have cheated money from their girlfriends and soon after left them.

The Wafer Brothers have now fled off. Even though their girlfriends tried to call them, they could not be reached. The Wafer Brothers, consists of three brothers, and the oldest brother named Bernard Wafer. They are believed to be in a relationship with the members of Super Girls’ as they wanted to gain popularity as well as to cheat them of their hard-earned money. Super Girls’ is a well known group and have made tons of money from their solo concert and albums. All together, they ran away with $250,000 worth of cash and jeweleries.

Nevertheless, when Marisa, lead singer of Super Girls’ as well as the girlfriend of Wafer Baker Omnomnom, tried to contact her boyfriend, he shouted vulgarities at her and hung the phone up.

“ I didn’t expect it to be like that. I thought he loved me as I am but I was mistaken. The Wafer Brothers are all the same! Liars!” remarked Marisa angrily with an annoyed face.

Besides that, whenever they meet each other coincidentally, they will start to quarrel like cats and dogs leading to a huge controversy.

Jessica Liu, girlfriend of Bernard Wafer claimed that the Wafer Brothers cheated off their money in a sleek way. They tried to get closer to the girls’ parent, showing concern towards them.

“ The Wafer Brothers come from an average family and they need instant money to pay off their debts. Left with no choice, they decided to cheat us for the money and fled off. ” explained Jessica.

Even till now, the Wafer Brothers still could not be found in sight. If anyone have information about them, please call 1800-119-1990 as soon as possible or report to the police immediately. Everyone’s help is much appreciated.

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