Thursday, January 27, 2011

CCT part of conspiracy. Rebel Agents found in the town

CCT part of conspiracy. Rebel Agents found in the town

Undercover agents were found in Columbian Cuppage Town, also known as CCT. It is not known where they are from or what they want. Government suspect that they are out to manipulate the citizens of CCT and overthrow the government. Their presence were discovered earlier in January 2011.

Armed forces have already captured two agents, Ms Classified and Mr Classified, who both claim to be working for the government on 6th of January 2011. Residents say that Mr Classified is a very friendly and sociable citizen, and cannot imagine him to be an undercover agent.Many of the residents seem to have moved here, and are from different parts of the world. When our reporters went to the town, it appears that most residents have a peculiar case of amnesia and are not aware of their pasts, hinting that this might also be part of the conspiracy.

When interviewed, Aron Wafer, 18, said “ I can’t imagine Mr classified as an agent! Although I don’t know his real name, he is always very friendly and helps my brothers a lot in their game development work. But now knowing that he may be a potential criminal, I think he may have hacked my brother’s computers to gain access to various government intel. This town is not safe!”

Not much is currently known about this peculiar town, but the police are currently looking into it. More updates would be given as more is revealed. Stay tuned for more.

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