Thursday, January 27, 2011

CCT Article

Wafer Brothers are Serial Robbers?

by Nur Nadiah binte Ismail
The CCT Times, 26 January 2011

Rumor has it—the Wafer Brothers are serial robbers.

The police have been investigating on the recent serial robbery case and the Wafer Brothers are the first on the suspect list.

The Wafer Brothers were caught on CCTV tape from the recent bank that was robbed. Although they were disguised as women, the Wafer Brothers’ distinct feature were seen—their big moles on their chins. To verify that the footages caught on tape were the Wafer Brothers, the police took down information from witnesses from the robbery scene.

Royston Tan, 25, a witness from the recent robbery scene, drew portraits of the criminals he saw at the scene. Although the portrait was vague, the shape of the face and the moles matched those of the Wafer Brothers.

To confirm that the Wafer Brothers are really guilty of serial robbery, the police have been going to the different banks that were robbed to find more leads to the case. Up to this juncture, the police have not be able to find more evidence to prove the Wafer Brothers’ crime.

The police are still looking for more witnesses for this serial robbery case. If there are anymore witnesses for this case of serial robbery, please head down to Columbia Cuppage Town Police Headquarters to provide more information and leads for the case.

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