Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are the teachers of CCT secondary school fit to teach our children?

41 students tried to skip school last month, are the teachers at fault?

Niloy Faiyaz

26th January, SST daily

Last month, 41 students from CCT secondary school skipped school during a normal day. 20 people started skipping school during the first week of the month and more and more people started skipping school after that. Even though the school forced them to back to school, they continued skipping school after 1 week.

After a interview with their parents, they said that their children did not want to go to school because their teachers had been giving too much pressure on them and had been very ‘evil’ and some of the parents said that they will not send their younger children to CCT secondary school in the future because they do not want the same thing happening to them.

Due to this occurrence, CCT secondary school is training their teachers again during the school holidays to be proper ones and some are also fired since they are not fit to be teachers at all. “We need to make sure that our teachers are kind and understanding but are still able to teach the students well,” said Mr Tonk after the first day of training the teachers. Will CCT secondary school be able to get new students again after training the teachers?

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