Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are our kids safe in the rough hands of Miss Keyboard?

Miss Qwerty Keyboard, teacher of Columbia Cuppage Town Secondary School (CCTSS), has her unique teaching methods, which drives students to the verge of suicide. Years ago, she was a teacher employed by the Ministry of Education (ME), and moved into Columbia Cuppage Town (CCT) a few weeks back. Miss Keyboard has been torturing students with huge loads of homework, strict teaching, harsh scoldings and even hanging them up on the fan if they are “naughty”.

Students are stressed with all the work, tests, and exams given and set by Miss Keyboard. Parents are discussing to withdraw their children from CCTSS, fearing the safety and wellbeing of their kids. Students said that they are driven to the verge of suicide. One even attempted to commit suicide.

ME has been looking into this matter, and they are considering to withdraw Miss Keyboard’s contract to teach. In an interview, she said “I am so happy that I finally get to quit teaching. All I have done in these few weeks have been worth it!”. One student said, “I fear going to school everyday. Seeing those students getting punished… It’s beyond your imagination. I feel on the verge of suicide.”

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