Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are our kids safe in the rough hands of Miss Qwerty?

Parents are questioning CCT’s one and only secondary school, with only one math teacher. They are demanding to know wether their kids are safe in the hands of Miss Qwerty ‘Old school’ methods. Is throwing chalks, dusters and shouting at kids acceptable today? Many say no. Yet every student under her had scored an A1 for their O levels. The public feels that with the new age and decade dawning, kids should be treated as adults. “They should be given the same respect and treated with the same maturity as adults.” said Mr Bernard Wafer “This applies to all kids and adults, except my brother Aaron” he said laughing. When asked, Miss Qwerty said that all the kids under her were very immature and did not understand anything she taught them. She then cursed the contract she was tied to, where she had to teach for 10 years. “Why cant kids be as mature as I am?” she shouted. Is Qwerty Keyboard growing old and senile? 

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