Thursday, April 7, 2011

Emotional Basket Case-Javin(13)

Everyone has to deal with their feelings and stress at times and some people are able to cope with their emotions better than others. People who are not able to cope with their emotions may sometimes do things which are very rash like starting to cut themselves or even start to do drugs.

I find depression quite easy to cope with as most of the time I am not depressed, but at times when I start to get depressed I will start to do activities which I like such as playing games, doing these kind of things helps me to cope with depression.

To me loneliness is something I deal with everyday as after I leave school everyday and get home most of the time I am usually at home by myself until around 6-7pm as that is the time my Mother usually comes home, sometimes I get very bored being home by myself and might do some silly things out of boredom but usually I cope with loneliness by engaging myself in activities.

I have never experienced heartbreaks before and hence I am not sure on how to deal with them, but if a friend has a heartbreak I might try and comfort that person and encourage them.

All in all I am usually able to cope with my emotions quite well.

Emotional Basket Case - Brandon(08)

Depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, loneliness, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front; all these situations all give us the same feeling: sadness, feeling that you are not wanted and so on.
Many people think that they are not wanted/not accepted/inferior to the community when encountering this problems. Statistics show that 15% of depressed people will commit suicide. This is an alarming rate, and this happens because people who have these problems do not seek help.
So the most obvious thing to do is to seek help from peers, teachers, parents and if needed a professional.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - Bernard Ng(07)

These 6 issues are very common in teenagers. Everybody would face some of these problems in one point in their life.Some people know how to overcome it, some do not. These people should really seek out help to overcome their problems, because if they do not it will bottle up and soon it will turn out to become a huge problem that can affect the person,their friends and their family.

Depression is likely to be the number one problem that will be faced among a lot of teens. I think these could be caused by event that are tragic like a passing of a loved one. Personally i have not experience this before, but i have seen example of them in my friends. They normally become isolated and tend to keep to themselves. People with this problem cannot overcome it by themselves, and should seek out help from friends and family.

Loneliness is a problem that someone has no one to talk to, but it does not mean they do not have any friends. When i have this problem, this is due to a problem that i cannot share with anyone. To overcome this, I have a little toy dog. When i am going to sleep i will have a little conversation with it, and it will make me feel better the next day. I would try to talk to friends and family if i could, but most of the times i rather keep to myself.

Heartbreak is what I think a problem that not many people will face in their teens. I have never face this problem before, but I have seen people facing it. They would stay up late thinking about the person they had a breakup with, so in class they were very lethargic. I think that people facing this problem should play more sports, or read, or anything else. This helps to distract them from the person they had a breakup with and soon they would have forgotten about it and have overcome the problem, going back to their normal daily routine.

Being different from your peers is a problem that i can relate to. When i was in primary school i was very different from my classmates, as I had six fingers on my right rand. I keep close to myself to prevent anyone from knowing this. But as i made friends, they knew about it. However, they did the opposite of what i expected. Instead of getting creeped out and going away, they were fascinated and ask me more questions. I gain more confidence about myself, and i did not hide my hand anymore. I made more friend since that day. Being different from your peers is not a bad thing. It is just to show that you are special and unique in your own way. If you are different, do not be afraid as it is just to show that you are unique.

Having to put up a front is a problem faced by teens when they are trying to make friends. Sometimes the feel their friends are cooler than them, and try to put up a front to show them that they are cool too. These people have low-self confidence as they do not think that they will be able to make friends and want to be with the `in` crowd. People with this problem have to help themselves. They should just be themselves to make friends, because only then can they make true friends.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - Niloy Faiyaz (19)

To me, having depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers is something big to overcome. Well, everyone faces it, at least one of the above. If the person can't manage them, it might become serious and the person will be stressed out a lot. I do not really like all this kind of emotions because it somehow brings down the mood of you and it somehow spoils the environment but it is good if this stuff happens because we might end up reflecting on our character.

Depression is a kind of problem everyone face since it will happen when the person is facing one of the 3 problems below( Loneliness, Heartbreak, Being different from your peers). Depression can also be faced alone. Such cases of being depressed is failing your exams, not doing something well, getting scolding from your parents or losing something. Well, I had been depressed before a lot of times. Last time, I used to smile a lot and be very active at the outside even though I feel depressed in the inside. I stopped doing this because it will make me feel even more terrible so nowadays, I might just express how I feel face to face depending on the situation because I do not want to end up hurting other people feelings. One of the latest cases of me being depressed is when I never get selected in the floor-ball team even though I had been training hard to get selected. I had been depressed for 1 week and I had difficulty concentrating in my trainings and I even wanted to quit my CCA and every night, I would reflect what have I done wrong in floor-ball which made me not to get selected in the team. I finally recovered when I started thinking positive that I might get selected next time if I correct all my mistakes. Hence, if anyone is depressed, he can try to forget about it by either doing his favorite activities to distract him instead of thinking about the situation like what I did or he can think positive to make himself happy.

To me, most people feel lonely is when they feel left out from a group of people since the person might think he is not really related to the others like how I feel during floor-ball trainings since the others are in the team. Usually, if I feel lonely, I might try to be like them but I will not recommend that since you will not end up being your true self. Instead, a person can just crack some jokes together just to get in touch with others.

Well, I didn't fall in love with anyone before so I will not know how it feels during an heartbreak but looking at my friend when he had an heartbreak, it wasn't nice since for a few weeks after he broke up. He had been sleeping late and was thinking about her for a month and it affected his studies and his life. Well, if you ever have a heartbreak, try to distract yourself and help yourself forget about your love and in the first place, don't try to fall in love quickly, try to understand the other person first just to avoid the heartbreak or just don't fall in love at this age at all since we are not ready for it as we still do not know the meaning of true love yet.

As you read earlier, you feel lonely if you feel different. Well it makes you unique from others. Sometimes it can make you special and stand-out from the rest. If you find that it somehow discourages you, try to ignore it or do something to cover it up.

Well, I think the main points I have repeated over and over again is to ignore the problem or think positive about it. Do not think so much about it that will get you stressed out.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Emotional basket case - Goh Jin Hao (10)

To me, all of this feeling are problems, some silly and some serious. I feel that this feelings are not good as a person would do things blindly while driven by this emotions.

Depression to me, is something that a person feels when he/she has problems, most which the person cannot take or is unable to face. If I ever come across this feeling, I would avoid it by telling myself to calm down first then addressing the problem I am facing by thinking of different solutions.

Loneliness for me is something that I feel when I have no one to talk to. Whenever I face this problem, I would sleep and hopefully when I wake up, my family members would be home.

Heartbreaks to me is something that I should never come across as from the start, I should have made the correct choice and even if I go down with the wrong choice, I deal with it or live with it.

Being different from my peers to me is something very normal to me and I do not think that it is a problem. I feel that everyone is different and our difference is what makes us.

Having to put up a front for me is something I do not like as it shows that I do not have the courage to stand up for myself.

Emotional Basket Case - Nadiah(03)

Personally, I guess that these feeling such as being depressed, lonely, heartbroken, being different from the peers and having to put up a brave front are something that we will go through part and parcel of our life. I dislike these kinds of feelings as it makes me emotional and uncomfortable. My heart will feel unsettled and I will have a change in mood. I will put all the blame towards my friends and family, which means, indirectly hurting their feelings. I could not think straight whenever I go through this kind of feelings. I could not focus on my studies and day-dream. As everyone will be going through this kind of feelings, I bet that it is impossible for someone to avoid it. However from avoiding it, we can overcome them, be it with the help of ourselves or from the people surrounding you.

Depression is an illness that affects the way one thinks and feels about everything. They will always feel sad or hopeless, without having the mood to do anything. In my opinion, I guess that depression will come by each of us soon and to overcome it, we need to know our limitations our body can take. It is not easy to overcome them. Depression will lead to mental breakdown and one would not be able to think straight. One will also tend to ignore the people around them and what is happening around them too. I think that depression came about mostly from stress or heartbreak. When one is stress with work, one might just break down and have a flood of emotions. When I feel stress, I will not think before I speak and I will say whatever that I think of at the moment. Unintentionally, I will hurt the people around me. Sometimes, one might hide their feelings and put on a cheerful smile in front of others. I guess that by pretending to be happy, one will feel more depressed and sad on the inside. Whenever I feel depressed, I will calm down and sort out my thinkings. By doing that, I need some personal space and I will set aside time alone for myself. That would help me in some soul-searching and made me realise what I really want for myself. Now, I try to prioritise my time and handle my stress slowly.

Being lonely is what I despise the most. Even though I have experiences it through a lot of times, I tried to overcome it. I tried to get along well with friends and crack some jokes with them. Sometimes, I tried to find my weakness and try to fit in with them. I do not like to be left alone because I like to hang out with people and interact with them.

I do not experience severe heartbreaks before but my friends shared with me some of her stories. It was hurtful to be in love and you have to pay the consequences be it academics and personal life. Sometimes, it is hard to get over the person you love maybe overone week or even one year. If I ever experience heartbreak, I will consult and ask advice from counsellors and friends. I will also try to remember my painful moments with him so that it will be easier for me to let go of him. It’s better to move on with life instead of living off with the heartbreaks. Nowadays, love for teenagers is just puppy love. We will get to understand the real meaning of love when we grow older.

Sometimes, I do feel like I am different from my peers. But, being different means I am unique. Everyone is unique in a way and we have to be proud of it. However, when I do feel seriously left out or feel different, I will try to encourage myself to achieve the same standards as them.

Having putting a brave front is somewhat a difficult thing for me to do. I am a weak person and I could not accept shocking news. Sometimes, I will lie and put up a brave front in front of everyone to make people assured. I will bottle my feelings only to myself as I find that my friends do not really understand me and if I share problems with them, they might not understand me. It is related to being different with the peers as we are unique in every single way. But I think that it is not a god way of bottling it up to myself as sometimes, when I cannot take it, I will just go crazy and cry for no apparent reason. I will feel that life is unfair to me. In school, people always assume that I am a cheerful girl but at home I feel lonely and emotional. When that happens, I will listen to soothing songs and by watching my favourite idols, it brought a smile to my face.

In conclusion, whenever I feel this kind of feelings, I will relax my mind and let my thinkings go wild. I will also share my problems with family as they are close to me. Listening to soothing songs also help me rejuvenate and feel refreshed. By doing sports, helped me to remove this kinds of feelings from my mind and enjoy myself. I will not care what other people say about me, I will stand on my own feet and believe in what I think.

Emotional Basket Case - Nur Nadiah (04)

Everyone has experienced feelings before that are tough to control. However, not everyone is capable of getting over feelings such as stress and depression. Different people react differently to situations. People who are not good in handling problems consider committing suicide. Some hurt themselves and others, whereas some are actually capable of calming themselves down and solving the problems that they face.

Personally, I can say that I am normally able to cope with these feelings well, because I am a calm person. Even if I feel depressed, I still am able to live my life day by day, slowly trying to handle the stress by myself.

As for loneliness, it is a feeling that I have come across before. I asked myself whether there were people around me who could understand me. It took me a few days to realise that people around me will not be able to understand me because I don’t really share my feelings and thoughts to them. So, how were they supposed to understand me when I don’t open up to myself? I looked around me, and in fact, there are a lot of people who care about me. From then on I made it a point to tell myself that people do care about me whenever I feel lonely.

I do have friends who share their experience on heartbreaks with me. From what I have heard, heartbreaks are not really a pleasant experience. Based on my own experience, it was tough for me to cheer up my friends who went through heartbreaks. Some of them took very long to get over it, whereas some of them only took a few weeks. I never experienced heartbreaks before, but when if I do experience it in the future, I would try to handle it by myself first by listening to music that I love and by working out.

Sometimes I do feel different from my peers. I feel that I am not as competent in my academics as my other friends. However, it actually has a positive impact on me because it gives me motivation to work harder to be as competent as them.

When I encounter something that causes me to become unlike myself, I usually put up a front. I just act normal. Even so, I hardly talk so sometimes my friends do ask me what happened to me. So, I just tell them that I am tired or sleepy. Deep inside, even if I feel down, I feel happy that there are actually people around me who care. So, that fact cheers me up and so I manage to get over it.

Overall, I can say that I do manage these kind of feelings well. I do not share my feelings with others, I normally keep it to myself. I feel that is a better way for me because I am able to think about the problem by myself. It actually trains me to be more mature and rational in handling problems. However, if I do break down in the future, I would open up myself to others such as my close friends or siblings.

Emotional Basket Case - Gregory Chew (11)

Depression is one of the biggest psychological issue we face. Among the 3(loneliness, heartbreaks, being different and having to put up a front), depression will always be present if we are suffering from those 3 problems although those are not only the cause of depression. You can be depressed about anything from failing your exams, not getting along well with your parents, etc. Though depression is often confused with sadness, it should not be taken lightly at all. People who are suffering from depression, and do not go for treatment, bad things may happen to them such as self inflicted injuries, drastic change in behavior or worse still, suicide. It is best that you seek counseling should you be depressed.

It is often when someone feels he does not have any friends or no one cares about him. This usually leads to depression and the above effects. I feel that loneliness is one of the most complicated of the 4 as when one is lonely, it could be due to many reasons, unfortunate ones even such as he is very different from the rest and no one is able to accept him for who he is, which is not his fault but just unfortunate. Other reasons could include this person do not get along well with other people.

This usually happens to teenagers like us, who are starting to experience love and crushes. It usually happens when someone assumes everything will go as they planned but things do not work out. They dwell on it instead of getting over and this would lead to depression. It is best you move on when encountering heartbreak instead of thinking about it and living in the past as tempting as it might be.

Being different and having to put up a front:
I classified this together as one point as more often, the reason why people put up a front is the fact that they are different from others. Not necessary in looks or appearance but it can be their nature. When you are different, you could be rejected from the crowd, which leads to loneliness n depression. Otherwise, you may try to put up a different front which may be frustrating or difficult. It is not always the best experience as you have to live up to someone's "expectations" of you, instead of just being yourself. In order to overcome this, you should develop some self-esteem and be happy for who you are and find some friends that actually like you for who you are, though rare, it is still possible to find them.

Activity 1: About Iskandar B Dzulkarnain

Depression is something that all of us face eventually in our lifetime. For me, I try to face it as a good and bad thing at the same time, though mostly negative. We have to learn and adapt how to deal with it in order to not fall into it's "trap". One of my values in life, is humour, so I try to look on the bright side of things, being optimistic though, but not sadistic. Sometimes could be a misconception, or because that things could not be fair that is from your view. Such as when your parents are scolding you for something that you did not do, but for me, usually, I rather stay quiet and just let it go on, as they are our elders and we should not probably try to contradict. Depression could also be caused by relationship problems.

Loneliness is something that, even though I have a lot of friends to depend on as I am quite lucky to be, I could learn to be used to it. Usually since I am most of the time in the virtual world playing with other people, this takes my mind off being lonely, as I always have someone to play with it.

Heartbreaks is not one thing I have ever experienced, so I could not really comment on that.

Being different from my peers, that is something that most people doesn't want to be, but I for one, want each of us to have our different identity, for us to be what we are. This differentiates us from our friends, and to impress them too.

Activity 1: About Azeem Arshad Vasanwala (06)

I feel that I have never been depressed, so I will not know how it feels like. I have not felt loneliness or heartbreak before, so neither do I know what to do then. I have been different from my peers, as I am not so much of a gamer compared to them. I do game, but not on a very regular basis. From young, I have always been an avid reader. I have be criticized in primary school for that, but I have always stood by my point, no matter what. Sometimes, I have to agree with something even if I do not want to. I will act happy even when I am not. I do that only when I have to, if not I usually let people know what I feel

Activity 1: About Looi Wei Chern (15) - Emotional Case

All of these feelings can be very hurting to anyone. It can actually be very painful to the heart as sometimes it is really hard to take it and for anyone to move on with life. All of these feelings are usually caused by either peers or teachers or even their own family members, especially when there is hatred or when teachers or parents are biased against them. All of these can actually cause anyone to do insensible things and harm themselves when they do not solve their problems the right way as one would be rather mentally unstable when they experience such feelings. This will actually cause them to have sleepless nights, no appetite, lack of attention in class and even the cause of their results to plunge. 

What I feel is that when I face such feelings, I should not bottle it up myself but actually talk to someone, either my parents, counsellors or even close and trusted friends and not end up always blaring it out at the people who care about me, when they do not know what is actually going on. This way, I would also feel much better when I can share my feelings with them and also be able to get advices on how to solve these problems. I feel that I should actually face my problems and stop escaping as it is not helping but only harming me more. The problem would not stop by itself thus no matter how bad the situation is, the only way is to gather all the courage I have and face it.

When I face all of these feelings, I would be stressed up and end up suffer in silence if I do not share it with someone else who I trust. Thus, I should firstly keep my cool and should be angry over it, but tell it in the face of the person who cause such feeling inside me, to stop his actions and behaviours towards me. If he does not listen, I must not show that I am angry towards him, but just put on a strong front and ignore him if he continues. Then, I would share it with my teacher and ask if there is anyway he could help me to solve these problems. This way, neither would I be bottling up my feelings nor end up getting angry, but instead could solve these problems in the right way.

To me, depression is something caused by oneself when one bottles up everything to oneself and end up being greatly affected thus I would share with someone that I trust that could help me resolve this problem.

Loneliness is something I face when I enter a new environment as I would usually need to take time before I adapt to my new peers and teachers but slowly I would be able to make new friends once again. I find that those who are actually being lonely cause they are anti-social and do not like hanging out with friends would end up not being able to share their feelings when they face either of these problems or feelings. These people actually needs lots of people around them.

Being different from my peers is something that is not always bad. I find that everyone has their own talents and strengths thus some people are different in the way they look, but if they are actually very bright students, I find that we should respect them for who they are to. I find that as for myself, I am different in a way that I have a darker skin tone but that does not mean that people should start insulting me as there are many other aspects that I am better and if everyone are friends then we should all respect one another. 

Having to put up a front is actually necessary when I enter a new environment as it would makes people think I am good and I could be a great friend. This would sometimes help in the long term or only in the short term as it is how I actually portray myself as a friend towards them thus it might be either helpful or harmful. On the harmful side is when I suddenly show my true feelings and my true-self to my peers which in the end cause them to not trust me anymore and thus causing myself to actually face all of above problems in life. Thus, I would actually not lie to my friends about my true-self no matter how I have to put up a brave front as I do not want to lose the trust of my friends.

In future, there would actually be times when I would face heartbreaks but it all depends how I actually solve this problem and not end up harming myself. I feel that I would forgo the past and go on with life and not let such feelings rule my heart and my head, and not let it affect me too greatly as it might actually cause me fall apart from my family members and close friends as well too.

Emotional Basket Case - Lucas Chia (16)

Depression is when somebody constantly feels hopeless, troubled and very negative towards things for long periods of time. People who suffer from depression usually withdraw from the world and stray from human contact. Depression is usually can be caused by many things, such as child abuse or neglect, the passing of a close relative or alcohol and drug abuse.

Loneliness is usually felt by people who are isolated with no one to talk to or be with. It is different from depression as it is usually a short term feeling. It is really common as we can feel lonely when we are at home alone or maybe in the bus as we do not have anyone to talk to.

Heartbreaks are experience by people who break up with a loved one such as a boyfriend, girlfriend or a close friend. Someone who experiences heartbreak constantly looks back on the past and the good times that they had with the person they broke up with, making them feel worse about the present.

I usually only feel lonely when I come home from school as both my parents are working and I am home alone. I usually solve this problem by distracting myself with homework or talking to a friend online. Although I have not experienced heartbreak, I feel that in the future, people whom I trust will end up backstabbing me or misusing my trust.

All these feelings can all be solved by similar solutions. We can confide ourselves with a loved one such as a relative or close friend, explaining your problems to him. As for me, I would talk to something that would not judge me such as my action figures or stuffed toys. Exercise is also good as it allows me to escape from my stuffy house and go outside to get some fresh air. I would sometimes go to my friend’s house and talk to them over video games to relieve my stress in a way that does not hurt anyone. Finding a hobby such as stamp collect or cooking can also be helpful as it distracts me from thinking about bad thoughts or reliving bad memories from the past.

Personally, playing video games and thinking about strategies to complete certain video game objectives is already makes me different from my peers as they do not always understand what I am talking about. However, I easily overcome this problem by finding a small group of friends who share common interests and stick with them.

Putting up a front is basically like putting on a mask to hide what we are truly feeling. For example, a person who feels angry and keeps his emotions bottled up, looks constantly happy and keeps a smiling face at all times. This is bad as pent up emotions may suddenly erupt in a violent outbreak causing harm to the person himself and lash out at others around him. I believe that we should just be who we are and not try to fake our emotions. No matter what our attitude is, we will always have true friends that will constantly stay by your side and love you for your true self.

eLearning Activity 3, Emotional Case, Gavin Lim (09)

I find that all the 5 issues although not many of us may experience it, are still real and that they exist. If they are not managed properly, drastic changes may occur in that person and this might even lead to suicide.

From reading the 1st chapter of the book, i know that only 1 in 5 people experience depression. Mainly, it's about feeling down for a day or so, but we resume our daily lives after that. Depression is something that may lead to suicide or self-injury if it is not handled well.

I find that loneliness only occurs because of yourself. Sometimes, it may seems that no one cares about you, but in reality, people do care about you, but maybe you just decided not to mix with them or you think they don't understand you.

~No comment, but this maybe something we might experience in the future~

Being different from your peers :
I find that being different is actually a good thing. No 2 people in this word are exactly alike and that we are unique and special in our own ways. This is what makes the world a more interesting place. Although some might feel "different" if they are not in "trend" and may risk loosing their friends, true friends like us for who we are inside and not hate us for being different.

Having to put up a front :
I find that this is actually related to the above of being different. If you are fine with being different, there would be no need to put on a face. Maybe people put on a face to gain more friends, however i find that true friends like us for who we are inside and not for what we may seem to be.

If you feel any of this, talk to your parents or a trusted adult like a teacher ect. After voicing out you problems you would know what your real problem is and adults would be able to help your from there.
Overall, i find that these things would only happen to you if you have a low self-esteem and have little faith in yourself. Self-esteem is therefore very important and we should learn to believe in ourselves more.

Emotional Basket Case - Casandra Ong (1)

Activity 1: About Casandra Ong (01)

I absolutely dislike and despise those feelings which makes me feel uncomfortable on the inside. It is also very painful when I have those feelings. It feels like I am deeply stabbed by a sharp knife. I despise those feelings as it sometimes drive me nuts and it sometimes causes not just me, but many of us to become out of control and do stupid things. I hate them even more when I unintentionally hurt the people who care for me when I throw out my feelings.

It is almost impossible for anyone to completely avoid those feelings. Therefore I think and encourage that no matter how depressed, sad and stressed a person is, she should be aware of the things that she has done because of those feelings and careful on how she takes out her feelings to avoid hurting any of her love ones, unintentionally. In my opinion, I think that we should not be deeply affected by them.

In my opinion, I think that everyone should deal with their own feelings up front and put a stop to the ones that are making their lives miserable. We should never run away or try to escape from our own feelings. Instead, we should accept them. Things will only get worst for us if we were to leave it as it is. Sometimes, it is very difficult for us to deal with the problems ourselves, so I always get help from my family or friends. The pain is immediately lifted from me after I have settled it.

I am aware that those feelings are of bad influence to my actions and behaviour. When things happen and the make me feel depressed, sad or stressed, the first thing that I would do is so calm myself down. One of the methods that I used frequently are breathing exercises. I want to calm myself down so that I will not unintentionally hurt myself or someone when I am in that state, so that I can think straight and make the right and appropriate decisions to make things better. Most of the time, I write my feelings down or share it with someone to relieve me of feelings.

In future, when I face any of those unhealthy feelings such as a heartbreak, I hope that I will be able to deal with it in a proper manner and that I will not be deeply affected by it and get over it as soon as possible.

Activity 1: About tan kein shuen(20)

I think depression is a lot like hangovers, where while the sense of pain and sickness overwhelms us the deepest sorrow would be that its completely preventable.
depression is caused by life events that occur around us , where an action of great sorrow by the enviroment deeply hurts us. i think that these people should not stop dead in their tracks and bring their life to a standstill, but should venture forth and find something or someone to replace their losses, and while this passage may invoke anger in some readers, i can safely say a loss is a loss.
Loneliness, however , is a different thing. loneliness is sometimes forced upon us due to certain people in our community, trying to isolate us for their own pleasure. however, some individuals may find themselves living in a solitary world, claiming that they are better off alone. i think that the people who isolate others do not deserve to have their own social life, much like the individuals who should start relying on others for help.
heartbreaks are common, but its plain knowledge to say that the first heartbreak would be the hardest, having no prior experience in such events. Luckily, this would gradually fade away with it becoming more common.
Being different from our peers us just the beginning for progress. even if you are the least intelligent person between your peers, won't this just make you strive for better results? or, if you are participating in a group project, being different could just help to understand the project in a different perspective, helping your group in that area.

Emotional Basket Case - Ho Yan Jin (02)

I think depression is real to an extend, when people are just too affected by the world around them. But, depression is also a way of attracting attention from people, and wanting people to notice and show concern for them. People who fake depression get all the attention and concern, while those who really suffer from depressions, suffer in silence and get little concern, worsening the condition.

Loneliness is something that I experience myself. Honestly I think it is good, as being alone gives you time to enjoy the place around and ponder about things. If people are not affected by being alone, like me, loneliness is not a problem. It is just those who are afraid of criticism and comments from people around them that are truly lonely and need people around them.

Heartbreaks is something that might happen to me in the future, and if I experience a heartbreak, I will find a friend, family members or a counsellor to talk to. During that period of time I might be really sad, but after time I will realise, like the girl in the story, to leave the past in the past and never try to remember or relive them.

Being different from my peers is something I find normal. Everyone is different, it is just now drastic the difference is. If people are more different in physical looks, they would probably be made fun of. I have been wearing braces for the past 16 months, but it did not matter much to my peers as we know we cannot judge people from their physical appearance. After time, we will realise that our peers are all unique in their own way and deserve our respect. Those who go around making fun of others are those that are degrading themselves.

Having to put up a brave front is rather normal, as I have done that before. You are facing a challenge in your life, but you do not want anyone to know, or rather you do not know who to approach, you put up a brave front and lie to others. Although in long term this is not a good solution, it will help for a temporary period of time until I find someone that I can talk to about my problems. But at times, putting up a brave front is necessary.

Dealing with these kind of situations involves myself and the people around me. If I feel that I cannot handle the situation on my own, I can seek help from people around me that I trust. Whether is it being lonely, or being difference, it is all about ignoring what all those mean people will say. If they see it is not affecting me, in a matter of time they will stop; Whether it is depression, a heartbreak or putting on a brave front, it is all about myself and how I want to deal with it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's time we bid farewell to another Roman town in Naples soon...

It's time we bid farewell to another Roman town in Naples soon...

By Looi Wei Chern
The Cuppage Times Wednesday Special Report, 26 January 2011

The new research report was out yesterday. The eruptive mountain, Mount Vesuvius, right beside Columbia Cuppage Town (CCT) has not been reacting as per normal recently. This mountain had destroyed both Pompeii and Herculaneum in AD 79 and has not erupted ever since. 

The authorities are afraid of the blow up of CCT like both the Roman towns in the past.  They are thinking hard on a solution to save CCT and its people. The President of CCT had came up with 2 suggestions, either to cover CCT over with a dome or to fly CCT up into space till it’s safe for it to return back. Many residents strongly disagree to these two suggestions and some are starting to migrate out as they felt that it is better to be safe than sorry.

We interviewed the infamous family of 3 living in CCT, the Wafer Brothers on their feelings of the President’s suggestions. “We would rather die than live in an enclosed dome or up in outer space without any internet access at all! We won’t be able to earn any money from our game development! We will be migrating out no matter how poor we are now if the President don’t think of a better solution!” said the Wafer Brothers furiously.

Will the President think of a better solution to save CCT in time? Or will CCT go into history and never seen again? Only time will tell if CCT will become the next Roman town in Naples that’s going to be destroyed by Mount Vesuvius.

CCT Article

Wafer Brothers are Serial Robbers?

by Nur Nadiah binte Ismail
The CCT Times, 26 January 2011

Rumor has it—the Wafer Brothers are serial robbers.

The police have been investigating on the recent serial robbery case and the Wafer Brothers are the first on the suspect list.

The Wafer Brothers were caught on CCTV tape from the recent bank that was robbed. Although they were disguised as women, the Wafer Brothers’ distinct feature were seen—their big moles on their chins. To verify that the footages caught on tape were the Wafer Brothers, the police took down information from witnesses from the robbery scene.

Royston Tan, 25, a witness from the recent robbery scene, drew portraits of the criminals he saw at the scene. Although the portrait was vague, the shape of the face and the moles matched those of the Wafer Brothers.

To confirm that the Wafer Brothers are really guilty of serial robbery, the police have been going to the different banks that were robbed to find more leads to the case. Up to this juncture, the police have not be able to find more evidence to prove the Wafer Brothers’ crime.

The police are still looking for more witnesses for this serial robbery case. If there are anymore witnesses for this case of serial robbery, please head down to Columbia Cuppage Town Police Headquarters to provide more information and leads for the case.

An suspicious feeling has began to surround CCT.

SST times,Written by Bernard Ng.

Rumor has it that the peaceful place of Columbia Cuppage Town is actually just a cover for a bigger secret. Locals have speculated that CCT is actually a Secret Government base that may be used for future war.

Recently,lots of weird things have been occurring in CCT. `There were a few people that moved in the neighborhood not long ago.They were very anti-social.Never saw them come out of the house or around the town.Never knew their names.` says game designer Bernard Wafer.

When we approached the house that was said to belong to one of the people,there was no response.We looked into the house through the window to find no one there,except for chairs,tables and television.Although a faint light was seen from a room,we could only guess that no one was in.

Why are they here? Who are they? Will they leave CCT? Only time will tell,will they reveal themselves? Or forever remain a mystery to the residents of CCT.

Miss Keyboard too rough with students

SST times, Written by Javin Jason Kang

School teacher Miss Keyboard of Columbian Cuppage Town Secondary School(CCTSS) has been rumoured to be miss-treating her students by giving them tons of homework with a unreasonable duration of time to finish it, it is also rumoured that she man handle's the students if she thinks that they are doing something naughty or miss behaving.

The school principal of CCTSS says that he will deal with the matter by talking to Miss Keyboard and try to get her to be nicer to the students and not man handle them. The school principal of CCTSS also said that is she continues this kind of behaviour after the talk with her the Ministry of Education (ME) will stop her teaching contract and fire her from her current job.

We spoke to one of her students parents Grace Pang and asked about what kind of things she does to the students. Mrs. Pang said "Miss Keyboard does all sorts of horrible things to my son and students like if she finds the students is miss behaving she will hang the student by the collar on the fan or sometimes cane the student with a wooden ruler, Miss Keyboard should be fired from her job immediately!"

Columbia 'Controversy' Town

Columbia ‘Controversy’ Town
Is trust needed in a relationship?

Nadiah Binte Shaharuddin
26 January 2011, SST Daily News

Controversy among lovers? It must be hard to imagine but it happens here in Columbia Cuppage Town! The Wafer Brothers were caught in a controversy with their girlfriends. Their girlfriends, are members from the popular girl band group, Super Girls’. This controversy has been the hot talk of the town since the beginning of the year. The Wafer Brothers have yet to admitted but rumours have said that they have cheated money from their girlfriends and soon after left them.

The Wafer Brothers have now fled off. Even though their girlfriends tried to call them, they could not be reached. The Wafer Brothers, consists of three brothers, and the oldest brother named Bernard Wafer. They are believed to be in a relationship with the members of Super Girls’ as they wanted to gain popularity as well as to cheat them of their hard-earned money. Super Girls’ is a well known group and have made tons of money from their solo concert and albums. All together, they ran away with $250,000 worth of cash and jeweleries.

Nevertheless, when Marisa, lead singer of Super Girls’ as well as the girlfriend of Wafer Baker Omnomnom, tried to contact her boyfriend, he shouted vulgarities at her and hung the phone up.

“ I didn’t expect it to be like that. I thought he loved me as I am but I was mistaken. The Wafer Brothers are all the same! Liars!” remarked Marisa angrily with an annoyed face.

Besides that, whenever they meet each other coincidentally, they will start to quarrel like cats and dogs leading to a huge controversy.

Jessica Liu, girlfriend of Bernard Wafer claimed that the Wafer Brothers cheated off their money in a sleek way. They tried to get closer to the girls’ parent, showing concern towards them.

“ The Wafer Brothers come from an average family and they need instant money to pay off their debts. Left with no choice, they decided to cheat us for the money and fled off. ” explained Jessica.

Even till now, the Wafer Brothers still could not be found in sight. If anyone have information about them, please call 1800-119-1990 as soon as possible or report to the police immediately. Everyone’s help is much appreciated.

CCT part of conspiracy. Rebel Agents found in the town

CCT part of conspiracy. Rebel Agents found in the town

Undercover agents were found in Columbian Cuppage Town, also known as CCT. It is not known where they are from or what they want. Government suspect that they are out to manipulate the citizens of CCT and overthrow the government. Their presence were discovered earlier in January 2011.

Armed forces have already captured two agents, Ms Classified and Mr Classified, who both claim to be working for the government on 6th of January 2011. Residents say that Mr Classified is a very friendly and sociable citizen, and cannot imagine him to be an undercover agent.Many of the residents seem to have moved here, and are from different parts of the world. When our reporters went to the town, it appears that most residents have a peculiar case of amnesia and are not aware of their pasts, hinting that this might also be part of the conspiracy.

When interviewed, Aron Wafer, 18, said “ I can’t imagine Mr classified as an agent! Although I don’t know his real name, he is always very friendly and helps my brothers a lot in their game development work. But now knowing that he may be a potential criminal, I think he may have hacked my brother’s computers to gain access to various government intel. This town is not safe!”

Not much is currently known about this peculiar town, but the police are currently looking into it. More updates would be given as more is revealed. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can CCT fly?

By Khim Tan
The SST Times, 26 Jan 2011

Last Friday morning, during the 'What have you discovered?' conference, some scientists claimed that Columbia Cuppage Town (CCT) is floating 3mm above the ground. However, others beg to differ.

According to some scientists, there is a mass of helium under the town causing it to float above the ground. However, since the town is only 3mm above the ground, not many people believe that CCT is floating. Scientists claims that if the mass of helium is not removed, the town would be way above the ground in a matter of time.

Until now, not much people believe about this 'flying town'. Hence, no action was taken to keep this town on the ground.

Are our kids safe in the rough hands of Miss Keyboard?

Miss Qwerty Keyboard, teacher of Columbia Cuppage Town Secondary School (CCTSS), has her unique teaching methods, which drives students to the verge of suicide. Years ago, she was a teacher employed by the Ministry of Education (ME), and moved into Columbia Cuppage Town (CCT) a few weeks back. Miss Keyboard has been torturing students with huge loads of homework, strict teaching, harsh scoldings and even hanging them up on the fan if they are “naughty”.

Students are stressed with all the work, tests, and exams given and set by Miss Keyboard. Parents are discussing to withdraw their children from CCTSS, fearing the safety and wellbeing of their kids. Students said that they are driven to the verge of suicide. One even attempted to commit suicide.

ME has been looking into this matter, and they are considering to withdraw Miss Keyboard’s contract to teach. In an interview, she said “I am so happy that I finally get to quit teaching. All I have done in these few weeks have been worth it!”. One student said, “I fear going to school everyday. Seeing those students getting punished… It’s beyond your imagination. I feel on the verge of suicide.”

Are the teachers of CCT secondary school fit to teach our children?

41 students tried to skip school last month, are the teachers at fault?

Niloy Faiyaz

26th January, SST daily

Last month, 41 students from CCT secondary school skipped school during a normal day. 20 people started skipping school during the first week of the month and more and more people started skipping school after that. Even though the school forced them to back to school, they continued skipping school after 1 week.

After a interview with their parents, they said that their children did not want to go to school because their teachers had been giving too much pressure on them and had been very ‘evil’ and some of the parents said that they will not send their younger children to CCT secondary school in the future because they do not want the same thing happening to them.

Due to this occurrence, CCT secondary school is training their teachers again during the school holidays to be proper ones and some are also fired since they are not fit to be teachers at all. “We need to make sure that our teachers are kind and understanding but are still able to teach the students well,” said Mr Tonk after the first day of training the teachers. Will CCT secondary school be able to get new students again after training the teachers?

Is ColumbiaCuppage Town part of a huge government conspiracy?

Multiple reasons lead to people suspecting that Columbia Cuppage Town is all part of a government conspiracy.

Gregory Chew

26 January 2011, SST Daily

Recently after a recent town get together, people have been speculating that CCT(Columbia Cuppage Town) could be all part of a huge government conspiracy. According to witnesses we spoke to who did not want to be named fearing their safety, they suspected something was wrong when there was connections between most of them. For example many of the people living in CCT have forgot about their past, leading to rumors that they may have been poisoned. Also, increasing numbers of spies and hackers from different countries are also another reason. When spoke to, all they answered was that “it is classified”, leaving residence suspicious.

Rumors have also been going around about CCT being an experimental “floating town”. Well, these rumors may be right. Large amount of helium have been found and a source had told us that CCT may be up in the air in about 2 months time. If these are true, residence really have something to worry about.

Currently, there have been some people leaving the country but most seem unbothered. Mr Lim, a 30 year old salesman told us that as long as he is not working for any government, he should be alright. Only time will tell if he is right.

Are our kids safe in the rough hands of Miss Qwerty?

Parents are questioning CCT’s one and only secondary school, with only one math teacher. They are demanding to know wether their kids are safe in the hands of Miss Qwerty ‘Old school’ methods. Is throwing chalks, dusters and shouting at kids acceptable today? Many say no. Yet every student under her had scored an A1 for their O levels. The public feels that with the new age and decade dawning, kids should be treated as adults. “They should be given the same respect and treated with the same maturity as adults.” said Mr Bernard Wafer “This applies to all kids and adults, except my brother Aaron” he said laughing. When asked, Miss Qwerty said that all the kids under her were very immature and did not understand anything she taught them. She then cursed the contract she was tied to, where she had to teach for 10 years. “Why cant kids be as mature as I am?” she shouted. Is Qwerty Keyboard growing old and senile? 

Is there more to the Wafer Brothers than meets the eye?

Multiple corpses found buried near the Wafer Brothers' residence.

Lucas Chia
26 January 2011, SST Daily

We have all known the Wafer brothers as quiet, reserved individuals, with the exception of Wafer Bacon Omnomnom who is known as an eccentric and erratic boy in Columbia Cuppage Secondary School. However, police officers of the Columbia Cuppage Town Police Department have found the horribly mutilated and dismembered corpses of six children in the backyard of the Wafer Brothers' residence last night at about 11 o'clock after a complaint from a neighbour regarding a foul stench emanating from the Wafer brothers' residence.

The Wafer brothers have since been taken under custody by the Columbia Cuppage Town Police Department. Some townsfolk are speculating that these murders may be the cause for the presence of government undercover agents and computer hackers snooping around in our town.

We interviewed Ms Deborah Ang, the detective in charge of the case, and she told us that the police are now looking into these murder cases and will update the media once they have obtained a new lead. She promises that the people who performed such unspeakable acts of cruelty shall be brought to justice and urges the public to come forward and call the police to inform them about any information they have regarding these grisly murders.


Something wrong with Wafer Brothers'?

Headline - Columbia Cupcake Town

It's time we bid farewell to another Roman town in Naples soon...

Headlines - CCT

Does CCT really float?


Is CCT a Government conspiracy?
Spys, Hackers, what has CCT come to?
Old traditions are dying out
Everyone should support themselves, but some are not self reliant
Are our kids safe in the rough hands of Miss Qwerty?
Famous painter setting a life in town, but is her modern art worth it?


Giant sinkhole appears in west CCT, authorities ready for possible disaster.

Tons of containers of gasoline said to be stored in bread from a bakery.

10pm, a tiny fire started in the town of CCT. the cause, a piece of bread.

Scientist have discovered that reason may have been the level of gasoline increasing dramatically and they believe the gasoline could lead to worse disasters or explosions. Some examples provided by the scientists of greater disasters are larger fires which may burn the city.

Most people who are interviewed think that the reason behind the fire are the gas containers stored with gasoline hidden inside bread from a certain bakery. Scientists have not found out which bakery is selling the bread as the people from CCT are unwilling to tell which bakery.

Scientists have believed that it may have been an accident or the baker had purposely placed the containers inside the bread, intending to kill his customers.

Scientists are now trying to convince people that the gasoline can give them cancer even though it may taste nice to them. The police are also playing a part and trying to get the baker's name and where the bakery is.

With the discovery of a large sac of helium, scientists fear that the gasoline will react with the helium when a fire sparks and they are even more nervous and wants to find the truth as quickly as possible.


Mystery unmarked vehicles spotted around CCT-Possible conspiracy?